Chasing Hope


With this project we want to work together with the local church in the effort of reaching out the refugees living in the Refugee Shelters who are less than 20 years of age, developing a sustainable and repeatable model.

Our aim is to provide for them spiritual and material support, as well as teaching them basic notion of the Italian culture and language,
These objectives will be pursued mostly through a relational ministry based on a regular presence in these young people’s lives. Occasionally we may organize events and activities of various kind with the help of volunteers and resources provided for the project.


Language and culture: the aim is to teach them the basis for a basic communication and to understand Italian traditions and customs with the purpose to help them to enter the social context. This will be achieved through periodic short Italian lessons.

Event organization: we want to build bridges and relationships in a familiar and hospitable environment. The events include different evening programs, football or basket games, camps etc…
Some possible events we want to try out:
A 2 day welcome event: this would be in 2 afternoons when the young people come. We get to know them, we play, teach them some basic notions of the Italian language and culture, we discuss a theme (hope, faith etc …) and offer them an Italian dinner, A weekly Rock Solid club, One week camps

Spiritual Support: this is the most important area of the project. This area will always be covered regardless of the type of event. Our desire is that everywhere these people go they will take with them that bit of Gospel they heard that can potentially change their life.

We are looking for a full-time staff who could coordinate this area of ministry. The commitment should be for at least 3 years so that a sustainable ministry can be developed and passed on to someone else.

If you are interested, please contact Ester Montefalcone at +393491674531 or at