Oak House - School for Girls


Moldova is a small country sandwiched between Russia and Romania. It is the poorest country in Europe with a population of over 3.8 million people, the majority of whom are of Romanian descent.

It is a fragile country with high unemployment, crippling foreign debt, and according to UNICEF, over half the children are living in extreme poverty. Educational provision is poor and thousands of children grow up without the love and care of even one parent. Without proper supervision and care, girls in particular are at great risk of being trafficked and
exploited in the sex and drug industry.

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Each year 9 new girls are selected. They are offered the possibility to live in the Oak House for 1 year. At the start of the year they are integrated into school, college or university. During the year they receive all necessary input, educationally, as well as phychologically, socially and spiritually to be prepared for the next step.

After 1 year the girls leave the house and go on to live independently at students dorms or other places. During their studies they continue to be part of the Oak House project, receiving material and moral support and participating at different events together. Many of them continue to visit the house frequently, especially during weekends, to relax and socialize or to discuss certain needs.

When finishing their studies, the girls are helped to get a job and look after themselves.