Long Term Mission

A conversation with Emma

Emma Berg

Volunteer – Bratasanca and Moreni

Hi I’m Emma! I am from the vast prairies of Saskatchewan Canada. I have a passion for sharing God’s love through investing in the lives of youth and kids, while also having a chance to explore God’s creation and learning about other cultures. I have been working with youth for about 7 years just part time and have recently had a new found passion/excitement for full time ministry. I am here in Romania for 1 year to grow my relationship with God and learn what it means to serve in full time ministry. I am working alongside the team here in Bratasanca and Moreni whenever I may be needed!

Some fun facts about me! I grew up as a pastor’s kid and spent most of my childhood in the church. I have a big family of 10, my mom and dad, my older brother, his wife and their 2 boys, my twin brother, and my younger sister and her husband. I love anything to do with the outdoors and that is where you will find me spending most of my free time!

YFC Romania needs you

Each year Youth foir. Christ Romania need short term missionaries and outreach teams to help spread the Gospel to youth across Romania. We experience a high volume of children and villages that need ministries to help them grow, but do not have enough people to reach them all. Therefore we receive teams or individuals each summer that help us on Day Camps, Tent Camps and various other ways. If you would like to come on your own or with a team, we would love to have you.


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